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Indo-Chinese Fusion

Indo-Chinese Fusion

Although, Chinese have been visiting India for millennia in search of Buddhist teachings, and better material prospects. First Chinese named, Yang Tai, was recorded to migrate to India in 1778. He settled in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta),it was India's capital under the British rule from 1773–1911 and also most accessible city from China by land.

Over the years many Chinese migrated to India, mostly Hakkas, By early 20th century, China town had developed and it thrived with enterprise. Chinese distinctly served as dentists, tannery owners, sauce manufactures, beautician, and shop owners, but it was Chinese restaurateurs found their fame and glory in India.

As all immigrant communities do, Chinese were influenced by Indian culture, and so it was with the food the Sino-Indian cultural fusion began.

Chinese food is good but what makes Indo-Chinese food the spectacularly popular? The answer lies with Indian food. Recently about 90 years ago, the first Indo-Chinese restaurant (Eau Chew) was opened in Kolkata. Presumably hordes came out satiated and impressed, beaming their approval to the next lot of people who hadn't tried this new fangled cuisine of foreign origin, yet spicy and tasty like their own. Very soon, new Indo-Chinese restaurants mushroomed all-over India and currently it has been getting popular all-over the world.

This type of cuisine is not new concept in North America, however, Aaru's is the first of it's kind in Tallahassee. We are confident that folks in Tally will welcome this cuisine in the form of Aaru's to tickle their taste buds."

South Indian Delicacies

South Indian Delicacies

South India comprises five southern states namely Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana. India has a very diverse culture, and wide range of cuisines. South Indian region, offers wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Popular authentic South Indian dishes are sure to delight taste buds include Sambar, Rasam, Vada, Idli, Dosa, Utthapam, Biryani, and the list goes on.

The South India is know for it's rich range of spices, many of which are being exported to different nation for centuries.

Chef's at Aaru's are bringing the authenticity and perfect blend of such spices to satiate the taste buds of Tally.